Ronan and Storm, please stop

Please stop: Ronan and Storm
Please stop: Ronan and Storm

RONAN KEATING and Storm, please stop. Do you have to share your love for each other so publicly? Seriously.

Newly engaged Storm Uechtritz said she thinks her life with Ronan is like a dream come true and that she is scared of dying every day in case she misses out on her life with Ro!  Hand me the sick bucket.
Of the proposal in Thailand, Ronan said: “The sky was a pink/orange colour and the sun was rising just over the hill. It took our breath away. It was perfect. I started to say some romantic things I wanted to say, but she was only half paying attention and kept talking back, like we were having a conversation.”
She was only half listening! How do you think the rest of us feel?
She said: “It’ll be a romantic, Bohemian country wedding which we would like to turn into a week-long celebration. We want it to be very relaxed, kids, dogs and everyone out together.”
Of course the kids are going to be involved in the wedding and rightly so – but they were also involved in the second proposal in the west of Ireland.
“We lit a bonfire on the hill and Storm was dancing around the fire with us. Then the four of us closed in on her and asked her: ‘Will you marry us?’ We pulled the ring out again and she said yes.”
No matter how over a man I was, the idea of my/our children being involved in his marriage proposal is insane. I am raging for Yvonne. I’m sure it was lot of fun, Ronan and everyone is very happy for you, but there are some things that are just not appropriate – and this is one of them.
If you think it’s none of my business, don’t forget it was in Hello! first.
And these endless declarations of love are hard to listen to. Find something else to talk about. Happiness and being in love is fantastic, but shut up, it’s not cool to tell everyone else.
Then again, it is crooner Keating I’m talking about.