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Sinead is a right twit about Kim

Sinead is a right twit about Kim

Steady on Sinead. Was there really any need to apply the C word to Kim Kardashian? And we’re not talking about clever or cuddly.

Ms O’Connor did not take kindly to Rolling Stone magazine daring to put Kim on its cover and felt moved to a Twitter rant about the death of music.

There were no such explosions of outrage from Sinead when the Boston bomber, a multiple killer, appeared on the magazine’s cover and he would probably deserve the use of the C word.

But Kim Kardashian was a substantial bosom too far for the Irish singer.

I know. Imagine someone who’s famous for a sex tape daring to build her own career as a reality TV star with moderate talent.

As opposed to Sinead, who’s used up her moderate talent and built a career as a hectoring, lecturing old biddy.  

In previous O’Connor outbursts Miley Cyrus has got it in the neck with a sermon on maintaining her dignity, keeping her kit on and not allowing the music industry to ‘prostitute’ her.

Cyrus is a 22 year old millionaire performer who presumably chooses to cultivate a near-naked public image, in part because it’s controversial.

You’d think that might appeal to Sinead, who took controversy and turned it into an art form by ripping up a picture of the Pope and then getting ordained as a priest in a Catholic sect. OK, controversial and a bit confused.

Her funniest outburst was last year’s rant at Sinn Fein, which she applied to join, called for the leadership to resign, and then changed her mind about signing up.

Make that very confused.

Her latest Kim-related dig doesn’t just berate the large-bottomed Kardashian, it also accuses the magazine of contributing to the death of music.

Drama queen? Me?

“Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh can no longer be expected to take all the blame. Bob Dylan must be f**king horrified,” writes the singer.

Would this be a good time to mention Simon’s One Direction, whose fans number in the millions and wouldn’t be able to pick Sinead out of a line up?

The bottom line, if you’ll forgive the Kim-related pun, is that Rolling Stone is a magazine which is doing what it must to stay in business.

In fact it’s a bit like Sinead who did the full slap, wig and skin tight Latex for the cover of her last album. 

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, unless you’re Kim Kardashian obviously.