Prison bosses should stop 'girlfriend's' visits

ColumnistsBy Caoimhe Young
Prison bosses should stop 'girlfriend's' visits

GRAHAM DWYER must be proud of himself today because he has a new girlfriend. She’s a Russian lady who declared him as her “soulmate”.

Dublin-based Victoria Andreenkova claims: “He touched my heart. I love him, he is tender and soft.”
Ms Andreenkova actually attended the Elaine O’Hara trial that sickened the nation, but was ordered out of the court by the judge because she was making gestures at Dwyer.
She has been living in Ireland for several years and on June 3 she changed her Facebook status from single to being in a relationship − with the man who wrote gruesome fantasy stories about abducting and killing women and lured vulnerable Elaine (36), to her death.
The 37-year-old has visited the killer in prison once a week for half an hour and is one of six named people allowed to come and see him behind bars in Portlaoise, Co. Laois.
It is safe to assume that it was during one of the most explicit trials in the history of the State that this woman decided she fancied him. While women all over Ireland were praying he wouldn’t get off, she was thinking about him in a very different way.
Graham Dwyer doesn’t deserve letters or visits from anyone who is not a member of his family. It may be anti human rights, but he wasn’t humane to the mother of his children, to his parents and, of course, to Elaine O’Hara.
Dwyer does not deserve the attention of another lonely woman – no matter how misguided she is – and prison authorities should not give this man the chance for this sick relationship to continue.