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Why mortal Shinners don’t deserve any political redemption

Disgraceful: Shinners know who carried out Teebane bombing
Disgraceful: Shinners know who carried out Teebane bombing

THERE is something vaguely fantastic about veteran Sinn Féiners.

Those who admit they were in the IRA and those who still deny it, suggesting that people should go to the police if they have information about the murder of Kevin McGuigan.

Some of these guys have been around for a long time.

And there isn’t the slightest doubt that some of them know precisely who, for example, ordered and/or took part in the sectarian massacres at Kingsmill and Teebane.

Some of them certainly know who killed Tom Oliver, who killed Jean McConville, who planted the bombs at the Abercorn, La Mon, and on Bloody Friday and who planted the bombs in Guildford and then let four people go to jail for the crime.

Someone high up in Sinn Féin  knows who planted the bomb in Claudy, who carried out the massacre at the Orange Hall in Newtownhamilton, who killed Senator Billy Fox.

Are Gerry and Bobby Storey and Martin McGuinness suggesting that anyone with information about those crimes go to the police?

And did you ever ask yourself why, when six innocent men languished in jail for a crime they didn’t commit, Gerry and his buddies didn’t ask for anyone with information about the Birmingham bombs to go to the police?

I wonder.

And if they are, will we recognise anyone in the queue?