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Rear-view politics is typical backwards road to recovery

Gavin Duffy
Gavin Duffy

There’s going to be a crash. And we’re all going to get hurt. Why?

Well, we seem to spend most of our time in this country looking in our rear-view mirror. 

Every month, every week, we set up a new probe or inquiry or tribunal into something that happened a long time ago.

And, I suppose, we have to learn from our mistakes and there is a notion about that people alive today who  have suffered because of things that happened in the past, should be recompensed by the government, or someone.

Well, I’m pretty sure one of my relatives twisted an ankle running away from the eruption of the Rising in 1916. Who do I sue?

And I intend to get on to the British about the suffering my family endured during the famine. 

And as for anyone called McMurrough, well, they’re going to have to cough up big time.

Do you know what’s going to happen this country? 

It’s going to crash.

Because we’re spending all the time looking in our rear-view mirrors. Nobody is looking ahead.

It’s grand to look into your rear-view mirrors every now and then. Very sensible in fact. 

But we’re doing it all day, every day. We are obsessed with our past. We are consumed with what we did wrong, what everyone else did wrong. And we’re looking for someone to blame and some form of redress for one and all who went through whatever pain they went through.

We’re spending millions on what’s behind us and not half enough at all on what’s ahead of us.

And do you know what? I thought I was the only one who realised what was going on. But no.

I nearly choked on my porridge the other morning when I heard businessman Gavin Duffy talking to Brendan O’Connor. He was complaining about how we spend too much time in this country, looking into our rear-view mirrors. 

I’m glad others feel that the whole thing has gone too far. Too far backwards. 

So I’m with Gavin on this.

Great minds, and all that.

Time to look forward. 

History matters.

But we can’t change it.