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Our politicians should have a whip-round for the Greeks

Protesters in Greece
Protesters in Greece

MY heart goes out to the people of Greece today.

They have suffered austerity far worse than that which made life hard here for five years.

They are currently enduring 29 per cent unemployment.

Their banks are shut.

Their ATMs will pay out only €60 a day to Greek citizens.

Their future is uncertain thanks to the lunacy, egomania and pure stupidity of its current leaders.

And do you know what their problem is? They found themselves in a hole and not just did they not stop digging, they went and got themselves a JCB.

And now that they’re in a hole they want everyone else to get them out of it and fill it in for them.

As for Greece’s leader Alexis Tsipras, well he seem to believe that money grows on trees – only not Greek trees, everybody else’s.

And then, on top of all their woes, Paul Murphy says he’s going to pay them a visit.

Lord God Almighty, are things not bad enough without him landing on their shores?

Mind you, at least he can afford to fly off to Greece again. On top of his €87,000 salary, Paul stuffs more than €80 a day (that’s €60 more than the Greek people can get from their ATMs on a daily basis thanks to Paul’s mates) of your money into his arse pocket in what is laughingly called the Parliamentary Standard Allowance. €2,445.83 in April.

He’s not alone. Clare Daly, Ruth Coppinger, Richard Boyd Barrett, Mary Lou and even tax cheat Mick Wallace all claimed the same.

Halfpenny place really.

Gerry Adams got €4,084.58 and Pearse got €4,365.41.

You’d think they’d give a bob or two to the Greeks, wouldn’t you?