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Only complete nuts think the Government wants to screw us

Only complete nuts think the Government wants to screw us

So, let me get this right.

The Government is screwing us. 

It’s imposing unnecessary taxes on us for, well, I’m not sure what for.

But it’s making us pay for stuff that should be free, like water.

It made us pay a property tax and we’re told they didn’t need to.

They imposed a Universal Social Charge to, well, screw us.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, they decided to deliberately make a bags of the health service, let the roads go to rack and ruin, run down our schools, cut public service pay, throw people out of work and slash social welfare.

And, I hope nobody in government minds me saying this, terrible eejits.

There was I thinking that, while they went about their daily jobs, politicians in government had, in the back of their minds somewhere, the hope that they’d be re-elected.

Indeed, I always thought (and it happened in the past) that if a government could spend five years handing out €50 notes to all and sundry; if it could offer to babysit for every parent in the country; if it could provide cushy, high-paid jobs for everyone; if it could pay for Sky Sports, not only in every hospital ward in the country, but in A&E where trolleys would long since have been replaced with king-size beds, that’s exactly what they’d do.

And do you know what?

You’d want to be an eejit to think otherwise. And the sad thing is, we have plenty of eejits out there who do.