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Irish public have become law unto themselves

Irish public have become law unto themselves

Sorry for going back in time again.

But I do remember being stopped by a garda, on several occasions, for cycling my bike at night without a light. I remember being reprimanded by a garda for cycling on the footpath and being told to stop playing football on the road even though we were as likely to see an elephant as a car passing our way.

Of course there was crime, robberies and the like.

But as I sat at the traffic lights at Kenilworth Cross in our capital the other day I began to wonder, yet again, whatever happened to the law?

As I sat there, 16 cyclists weaved in and out of pedestrians as they broke the lights. Six cyclists actually waited for green.

They cycle on footpaths, weave in and out of traffic without signaling. And of course, are utterly unidentifiable and pay nothing for the roads on which they ride. 

Motorists are no better. See a traffic light turn red now and it seems to be a signal for some, most, to speed up. Light goes red, three more cars go through.

Motorists utterly ignore yellow boxes, bus lanes (except when they’re not in use), cycle lanes and anything else which might delay their journey for two seconds.

As for parking well…

On Dame Street last week, I saw FOURTEEN delivery trucks and vans parked on double yellow lines in the middle of the morning.

Our buildings are desecrated by graffiti ‘artists’ - vandals with spray cans.

 Litter is strewn all over the city. Smokers seem to think that cigarette butts aren’t litter, chucking them on the street or out of car windows.

And we have politicians who regularly break the law, blocking streets with their protests and, while pocketing a small fortune in taxpayers’ money, urging all and sundry not to pay taxes.

Then there’s the bad grammar on the advertisements you see on the sides of buses and… oh wait.

Bad grammar’s not illegal yet is it?

Maybe I’m just getting grumpier as the days go by.