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Ireland gets shorts shrift in Groundhog days of summer

Now what are the Kardashians up to?
Now what are the Kardashians up to?

The sun came out a few times in the past week or so.

And what happened? 

Down the street came an eejit wearing shorts and, of course, socks and sandals.

Summer’s here. At least, he has decided summer is here. And from now until late September he’ll be in his Riviera gear.

He will regard the cold and rain which followed the brief sunshine, as a blip.

So what’s happening in the news?

One water protester manages to completely usurp the democratic process by disrupting Cork City Council. Why? Because like the others who block council offices, sit down in the street and discommode everyone else and picket the homes of elected politicians, he is so full of his own importance that he thinks it’s his right to do whatever he pleases.

Lots of opposition politicians call on the government to spend more money on (take your pick) the Gardai, children, transport, housing, farming, health or social welfare. Ten minutes later they’re on some radio programme calling for tax cuts.

The Irish Times keeps up its relentless campaign against everything Catholic, this time a columnist insulting readers of faith by saying that religion is a fairy story.

And Gerry Adams tells us he believes some of what the latest victim of IRA sex abuse is saying, but not really the bit about the IRA’s kangaroo courts.

Meanwhile, the distraction team goes into action mode.

Someone predicted we’re going to have the hottest summer ever.

Michael Harding was interviewed on the radio.

One of the Kardashians did something or other.

Man United disappointed.

The Irish dominated Cheltenham.

And another Irish bank returned to profit and offered to give half the money to charity.

Okay. I made the last one up. Other than that, it’s like Groundhog Day.