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I'm being driven Radio Ga Ga by these daft lefty demands for cash

More gardai on the street
More gardai on the street

I spent almost all of the other day pottering about and listening to the radio at the same time.

From early morning until after eight in the evening I was listening, or at least half listening, to what was going on.

And from quite early on, I found myself adding things up.

Because from dawn onwards, it seems that all I could hear was an endless list of demands.

Money for the homeless. Money for education. Money for hospitals. Money for the disabled. Money for the sick. Money for refugees. More gardai on the streets.

More money for workers. Money for poor. Money for roads. Money for the Arts. It went on and on and by seven o’clock, we had spent several billion.

And I don’t think I remember a single person being asked where the money might come from.

Now, the thing is, I actually think we SHOULD be spending money on all of the above.

However, unlike a lot of the politicians who also want more money spent on such things, I also believe we have to pay for our services.

I believe that those who have, should pay for those who have not – unlike some on our left who think nobody should pay and we should get the services anyway, or who simply chant ‘tax the rich’ and think that’s some kind of solution.

As it happens, we have the sixth-highest tax burden on high earners in the developed world.

If we want better hospitals, more care for the needy, new schools, extra gardai, higher pay, better infrastructure and so on, the money has to come from somewhere. And the only source of money our government has is taxation, in whatever form that takes. 

It seems to me that most of those politicians who constantly blather on about how we need all these things are exactly the same ones who object every time there is mention of a new tax or charge. 

God help us if they ever get near running the place. 

Ireland will end up going down the drain… and even that will be blocked because Irish Water won’t have the money to pay for it to be fixed.