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I am leftie in limbo as to which Ruth-less party to give my vote to

Ruth Coppinger
Ruth Coppinger

I have good news and bad news this morning. And then more good news.

The good news is, if we vote for the Anti-Austerity Alliance, well, we’re going to be in the clover.

I heard Ruth Coppinger on the radio the other day. And she said, really, that after the election they’ll only deal with other parties which will abolish water charges, property tax and the Universal Social Charge AND which will reverse ALL the cuts imposed over the past few years.

Bingo! It’s gonna be great.

Actually, she and Paul Murphy and Joe Higgins the other AAA TDs could pay the water charges for about 400 people out of the tax-free expenses they claim on top of their salaries. Well, it’s a start.

Only, well, here’s the bad news.

My new favourite leftie John Douglas says there’s no recovery.

“It’s a bloody myth, they made it up to con us. We know best, we’re the people of Ireland, we know there’s no recovery in Ireland and the only recovery is for the elite few,” he said.

But here’s the thing. If he’s right, we have the smartest government on the planet.

Because, if there is no recovery in the Irish economy, the government has managed to pull the wool over the eyes of the European Union, the International Monetary Fund, the OECD, the ratings agencies, the European Central Bank, economists from New York to London and Tokyo and have managed to convince the Central Statistics Office to ready-up the employment figures to give us the impression things are getting better.

The question now is: Do I vote for Ruth and her pals so that there’s hardly any tax and we get free everything?

Or do I vote for Enda and Joan, who managed to fool the entire world into thinking our economy is improving?