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Forget Chelsea flower power, Irish festival is bloomin’ great

Punters at the stunning Bloom Festival last weekend
Punters at the stunning Bloom Festival last weekend

I’M not a great gardener.

The closest I ever came to gardening was planting my opposite number in the scrum in a Business Houses League match.

Fortunately, I am married to someone who has genuinely green fingers.

And I love Bloom.

I’ve heard people say it’s our Chelsea Flower Show.

But a few people I know who were at Chelsea this year, say Bloom is actually better.

The gardens are more real. It is less up itself. And you can buy the stuff you like.

Bloom is more punter friendly, more child friendly. And the gardens are more, well, real.

If you’re popping in today or tomorrow, have a look at the Pieta House Garden, Darkness into Light. It’s stunning.

And don’t mind the rain.

Isn’t it what makes gardens grow?

I mean, if you like gardening in Ireland, well, you must be well used to rain by now.

Now I’m looking forward to my green-fingered wife putting all she learned into practice as summer nears.

My job is to lounge around and burn burgers on the barbecue.