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Begrudgers of our Six Nations win a Brit hard to stomach

Ireland celebrate win
Ireland celebrate win

I couldn’t wait to see what the posh English papers had to say after we won the Six Nations Championship last Saturday.

It seems we got it all wrong.

We didn’t really win it at all.

England won the Six Nations Championship. Honest to God.

You see, France played better than they had done all season. Italy threw their cappellos at it. And as for Scotland, well, they didn’t turn up at all. 

And if the referee had been doing his job (for England) he wouldn’t have noticed Stuart Hogg’s knock-on over the line when Jamie Heaslip tackled him.

Not only that, but we got the easiest draw of all the teams, it seems. Not fair.

The upshot is that, really, England won. Like they won the cricket World Cup.

Because, you see, the chaps probably didn’t play that well because they had an Irishman as captain, which isn’t at all as inspiring as having a South African. Or a Zimbabwean, like they had before. 

So, making allowances for that, they really won.

Just like in the World Cup in Brazil last year. 

Sure, had it not been for something-or-other against Italy and that thingamabob against Uruguay and the whatchamacallit against Costa Rica, they would have had it all sewn up.

The fact is that, when you get right down to it, England has won every Six Nations Championship, every rugby World Cup, every cricket World Cup and every soccer World Cup.

Except for 1966, that is. 

England’s equaliser? Geoff Hurst’s ‘goal’? I don’t think so. Never crossed the line.

So England won all the World Cups except that one or, at the very least, deserved to.

At least, that’s what some of them think.