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And the tackiest dress award is going to...

Rita Ora
Rita Ora

It’s actually getting quite boring.

Yet again, at least some of the female stars turning up for the Oscars either forgot to get dressed or were convinced by someone or other that there is a world fabric shortage.

It was the same at the Brits, where some of those desperate for publicity arrived wearing the kind of things that should be confined to bathrooms.

To make it all worse, there seems to be an enormous appetite for the most intimate details of the lives and behaviour of everyone who’s even a little bit famous.

Ah, for the old days, and I am old, and I quite liked the old days.

Yes, of course we kind of knew that the people we idolised misbehaved.

We knew the Beatles did a few drugs and the Rolling Stones were very, very bold and that Marianne Faithful was bold with Mick Jagger and that even the Mamas and Papas were known to host the odd orgy.

But at least they had the manners to pull the curtains.

Sure we knew full well when Led Zep asked for coke they weren’t looking for cans or bottles and we knew that Jim Morrison did a few bold things and then there was Hendrix and Janis Joplin and Keith Moon and…

Well, we even knew back then when we were kids that Dusty Springfield was a lesbian.

We just didn’t know what a lesbian was.