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Adams’ Sinn Fein Family just keep getting creepier

Gerry Adams and Mary Lou MacDonald
Gerry Adams and Mary Lou MacDonald

I was really hoping that Gerry, Mary Lou and Sinn Féin would be on the government’s case this week.

I mean, there is no excuse for the kind of prevarication and dithering we have seen, none whatsoever.

So I was confident that Mary Lou would be true to form and be first out of the traps demanding government action.

But not a word.

Oh, sorry. You thought I was talking about Siteserv and the IBRC. No.

I was talking about the government’s failure to deliver garda files to the coroner in the North, who is re-examining the deaths of 10 men in the Kingsmill Massacre.

And just in case you don’t know what the Kingsmill Massacre was, it was the murder of 10 men by the IRA in Kingsmill, Co. Armagh, in January 1976.

Our IRA heroes stopped a bus carrying 12 textile workers. Eleven were Protestant, one was Catholic.

The brave gunmen asked if there were any Catholics on the bus. Richard Hughes was the only Catholic, but his fellow workers tried to stop him identifying himself, believing the gunmen to be from the UVF.

They weren’t. They let Richard Hughes go and shot the other 11. One man, Alan Black, survived. But 10 died in an outrage worthy of ISIS.

So, why is Sinn Féin not quite so vociferous about this government failing?

Go figure.