It's never okay to ask celebs about their baby plans

Amanda Byram
Amanda Byram

ONCE the auld fella in the pub starts asking you when you are procreating, you know you are in trouble.

Maybe it goes back to old Catholic Ireland, when talking about sex was more taboo.

But the quintessential Irish man with the cap on and the twinkle in his eye will ask you about babies when you start to get the smallest laughter line.

If you’re a celebrity, though, it’s a different story.

It’s a standard question that models, including Amanda Byram, have been answering way before any lines appear.

It’s such an unbelievably personal question if you aren’t married or if you are married only a short while… or if you are single and hoping to find someone. In fact, it’s always too personal. Never ask it. 

Women are touchy about kids. It’s like it says something about you if you have none, one, two or three. 

If you don’t have any kids by choice you are deemed unfeminine, not fully rounded. 

Amanda told reporters recently: “As a woman you think about the biological clock. We all go through that. You think about leaving it too late.

“I have a 29-year-old friend who worries about it, and I’m almost 42.

“You can be infertile at 20 and fertile at 45 – the state of your fertility doesn’t matter what age you are.

“Of course I would like kids. I came to a point when I was 40 and I was single and I had to realise it will never happen.”

She added: “It’s getting easier for women to do it all nowadays, but our biological clocks are ticking and that’s the cruelty of science.

“Thankfully I’ve met an amazing guy, so that bit is checked off and that wasn’t there a few years ago, so if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.”

It’s the kind of conversation you would have with your mother, but female celebs get asked about it all the time and Amanda had a good answer at the ready.

There are plenty of people who have children who have never learned to love anyone but themselves. There are plenty of people who have children who do a really bad job of it.

Amanda Byram is nearly 42 and in love – sounds pretty fine to me. Leave her be.

If there is one thing the same-sex marriage referendum taught us, it is that two people make a family and often a very happy one