How many more like Dwyer are fooling their wives

How many more like Dwyer are fooling their wives

YOU trust the people you love.

You know their faults and you celebrate the best bits about them. 

They say Love is blind.  So is the need to settle down, have kids, the good job, the nice home and the family holidays. 

Can it ever have been as blind as in the case of Graham Dwyer?

Two years ago his wife Gemma had it all.

Not yet 40, she had a beautiful family,lovely home and the seemingly ideal husband, a professional family man.

Among the many terrifying and unsettling aspects of his trial, the worst may be how he fooled his wife and had a good relationship with his kids.  

Because it means other Graham Dwyers could be out there living their seemingly ordinary lives.

In one small mercy Gemma Dwyer was not asked about her sex life by the prosecution when she was giving evidence because it would not have advanced the case, according to security sources.

There were two men. The monster Elaine O’Hara met and Gemma Dwyer’s husband.

Gemma’s thoughts and condolences were with the O’Hara family after the verdict, she said in press release.

Her statement tells a story, as does her evidence about the shovel found at the scene being the family spade – a claim that was then denied by forensics. Was she confused by grief or, did she think − or know in her heart − he was guilty? 

The jury asked to see the shovel which this woman was convinced was from her garden shed.  If the jurors believed her it was surely a damning moment in their deliberations.

After years preying on women, it was testimony and hard work from a few brave women which made the case against Dwyer.  Gemma, his ex lover Eimear McShea, crime analyst Sarah Skedd, troubled Darci Day.

Had Graham Dwyer got away with his near perfect murder, the appalling truth he couldn’t be convicted of anything else despite a mountain of video and written evidence of how he delighted in grooming, degrading, manipulating and inflicting pain on fragile and vulnerable women.

There’s something wrong with that.

For now, after hurt no one else could even begin to imagine, the wife of Ireland’s most hated man faces the job of bringing up two kids she adores in the shadow of one the most grotesque trials the country has ever heard.

God give her strength.