How cheated wife of banker cleared of J1 rape helped her man

Jason Lee in court with his wife
Jason Lee in court with his wife

The rich banker arrived with his wife beside him every day to face a charge of rape. It has become a common scene.

Former Goldman Sachs banker Jason Lee denied first degree rape, sexual misconduct and assault of an Irish J1 student at his home in the exclusive Hamptons.

Mr Lee, the court heard, kept the dress the Irish girl wore on the night of the alleged rape. He was found by police in a foetal position in the back of a jeep after the girl’s brother reported the assault to police.

The group had spent the night in a nightclub and went back to Mr Lee’s rented house to continue the party, which included stripping to their underwear in the swimming pool.

The woman alleged that she had gone into a bathroom to get changed, when Mr Lee had followed her, pushed the door so hard she fell to the floor, and proceeded to rape her.

He admitted consensual casual sex on the floor of the bathroom. 

So his wife’s presence told the court what? She believed him? She was a good, passive wife? Or she accepted he had sex with another women in return for a nice comfortable life? 

And then there was the speculation about the key witness who didn’t turn up. The brother of the student never made it to the New York court to give evidence – instead, he was pictured on Facebook at a party in Ireland and on a legalise marijuana march. 

The court was told he had exams. 

His sister has now been told by a court that she is a liar.

Of course I didn’t sit through three weeks of evidence , but I do know that it’s disastrous for real victims of rape to read this story and be discouraged from going to the police.

Mr Lee was found not guilty of charges of first-degree rape, sexual misconduct and assault on Thursday.

He had declined a jury – opting for a one judge trial. Would a jury have made a difference? Who knows? But not as much as the loved ones who stand by us – or don’t – in our hour of need.

Which is maybe why the loyal but cheated-on wife ended up on the winning side, if there are any winners in a sorry saga like this.