May 26th, 2017

Fr. Brian D’Arcy

Sean Fitzpatrick

Fr Brian: Reader reminds me of my warning about banking system

A political system which drives decent people out of their homes is the greatest sin of all

Fr Brian D'Arcy: 'Our record makes very poor reading'

Pope John Paul II

Why rush this Canonisation?

Deserving as John Paul II is, question marks remain over links with Marciel

The historic moment when President Higgins visited Queen Elizabeth

What a perfect Easter message

Charlie Chaplin

Remember why Friday is ‘Good’

Pope Francis.

Fr Brian D'Arcy: Feel the effect of spiritual reading

Pope Francis

Francis alone can’t rescue our Church

INSPIRATIONAL: The mother of courageous Donal Walsh – Elma Walsh – will speak at the Novena of Hope about her son’s faith

Come share in stories of faith

Listen to people with your eyes and heart too

Listening is not as easy as it sounds

Use your eyes and heart – as well as ears