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Why I've changed my mind and voting 'No'!

Vote No
Vote No

This may be seen as controversial in some sections of society, but I am absolutely 100 per cent definitely voting ‘NO’ in the upcoming referendum on May 22. And I don’t care what the ‘Yes’ side say or do, I am not for turning.

I have alienated myself from those around me in recent weeks as the ‘hot topic’ is discussed over family dinners, dissected over pints with mates and deliberated over coffee in the office canteen. I seem to be in a minority – but that has never bothered me. 

Luckily for me, I have a column in a national newspaper and I am free to use it to fight my case. 

I would go so far as to say that this referendum makes me question why we even need a vote.

It makes me question the Constitution for enforcing this vote on the general public. 

Politicians and law- makers could simply take a vote on any given day and let common sense rule. Why leave it up to chance and in the hands of bandwagonry from the uninformed, trigger-happy public? 

I am all for letting the public vote on things that matter, but when there is a chance that a huge mistake will be made then I think the choice should be taken away from us. 

My reason is simple. Why change something if it is not broken? We are a tiny country on the periphery of Europe that prides itself on its traditions. Traditions that will be ripped to shreds on May 22 if a ‘Yes’ vote passes.  

So please, think about voting ‘No’ on May 22. The age of eligibility for a citizen to become president should not be lowered to 21. The current age of 35 is low enough for the highest office on our land.

Why? What did you think I was talking about? Oh, that other one. Well, my brother absolutely deserves to marry his partner if he wants. So I’ll be voting yes, I hope you will too.