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'When they saw my makeshift DIY camera they laughed and sneered'

Daragh KeanyBy Daragh Keany
'When they saw my makeshift DIY camera they laughed and sneered'

Did you hear the one about the petrified journalist, a dodgy Go-Pro, Europe’s largest wooden rollercoaster and a roll of duct tape? Read on…

I’ve an irrational fear of heights, I don’t like fairground rides of any variety and my wife will attest to the fact that I am not a morning person.
But, for some reason, my bosses asked me to head along to test out Tayto Park’s brand new Cú Chulainn rollercoaster at 7.30am last Thursday morning. 
The plan was simple – to release the amazing Go-Pro footage on our website and share the terror and the thrills with the rest of the country. Unfortunately, when I got off the 90-second ride I realised the camera wasn’t working.
So, in a panic I decided to compromise. I abandoned all hope of leaving the ride with any dignity and I asked one of the engineers to attach my phone to my hand with industrial-strength duct tape. 
There were camera crews and photographers from all the major news sites, as well as dozens of journalists all equipped with a variety of gadgets attached to various parts of their body to capture the fear. 
When they saw my makeshift DIY job they laughed and sneered at me, but to be fair – I managed to get as good, if not better, footage than most of them.
Ok, so I was in a mild panic about dropping and smashing my beloved phone. I knew I only had one more go on the Cú Chulainn in me, as the first go left me quite shaken. But I could not return to the office empty-handed, so as I strapped myself in for a second time I pushed play and the video worked just fine. 
Who needs fancy expensive gadgets when there’s duct tape nearby?