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We really did lose a true icon this week

No. not him...
No. not him...

We waved goodbye to three celebs this week and the world came to a standstill.

Shockingly, there were far more headlines for the talentless two-thirds of the departing trio than the one who actually had a skill of note. So where do I start? 
Jeremy Clarkson punched his Irish producer in an obnoxious drunken rant and more than one million fools signed an online petition to save his job. What is wrong with the world? Even the British Prime Minister weighed-in by stating he should be kept on. 
Firstly, he presents a show that has not been entertaining for years and is supposed to be a consumer-advice programme about cars. 
Instead, though, it is two unfunny dinosaurs and an equally unfunny midget using their position to drive cars that no one will ever be able to buy around an abandoned airfield. Hopefully the Beeb sack the show too. 
Then came the earth-shattering news that One Direction was now a four-piece because some chap called Zayn could fool around with who he wanted, without the prying press. The poor 22-year-old has banked €50m already for being a backing singer in the supergroup. He’s done alright. My heart does not bleed for him. 
Unfortunately however, we did lose a true icon this week in the form of Henry Shefflin. The hurler, who was never expected to make senior level when he played in school, hung up his Cats’ jersey after 13 Leinster and 10 All-Ireland titles, 11 All-Star awards and three Player of the year awards. 
He tormented the opposition for 17 years and retires as the greatest hurler to have ever graced the pitch. He is the only one of the three stars who retired/walked out/got sacked this week that we should take time out to remember. He will be missed.