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The Notorious sees the most David Brent TV moment since The Office

Tony McGregor..jpg
Tony McGregor..jpg

I was convinced David Brent was fake but it seems he has just been reincarnated in Irish form and his new name is Tony McGregor.

Who? I’ll get to that. 

Tomorrow night sees the final instalment of the six-part fly-on-the-wall documentary The Notorious on RTE2.

Whether you love or hate the featherweight, you have to admit that the series has been fascinating viewing as the camera crew got unprecedented access to one of the biggest stars in UFC history. 

Even last week’s “slow episode” was captivating as we got more of an insight into the incredible training regime the Crumlin man puts himself through daily as opposed to the brash trash talking that most people associate with the brawler. 

But one thing we won’t miss is Conor McGregor’s dad.

He is the only thing that spoiled an otherwise enthralling series.

It was almost as if Conor (executive producer) demanded his old man’s inclusion, because throughout the series we were treated to four cringeworthy scenes.

There was the mortifying poem in dad Tony’s back garden before the Diego Brandao fight at Dublin’s O2 arena before his speech to camera in the back of the limo in the same episode that even his own family seemed humiliated by. 

Then in episode three there was the nonsensical, irrelevant and awkward scene where he was just stirring “pea soup” in his kitchen in honour of Conor’s next opponent Dustin ‘Peahead’ Poirier.

Yes – you read that right.

But, just when I thought it couldn’t get any more vomit-inducing, the editors of the show left in a random scene last week of Tony showing off his replica gun and explaining exactly how it is “legal”.

It was the most David Brent TV moment since…well…since The Office.

And that was a work of fiction. Or at least I thought it was. 

Now I’m starting to wonder........