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TF it's back

TF it's back

I was bald at 25, married at 26 and a dad at 30, so technically I’ve been “old” for a while.

But this week my ‘old age’ was compounded by my colleague Lynda. 

Let me explain.

On Tuesday I received a press release that got me VERY excited. It gave details of Channel 4’s legendary TFI Friday returning to our screens next week (Friday June 12) for a one-off special and Chris Evans himself is included. I was ecstatic.  

Lynda, only five years my junior, looked at me blankly. She was at a complete loss. 

Granted, she’s from Cork, but even between the years of 1996 and 2000, when the hour-long show ruled the small screen every week, I’m sure the McCarthy household had more than two channels. 

It was an epic era for telly when you didn’t have to pony up half a million euro in prize money to guarantee more than 17 viewers. 

It was a time when an iPad was something a pirate wore, a Wii was something you did in the toilet in private and the internet was the inner-white lining of togs. 

Evans, for 188 hilarious unmissable shows (I had to look that up) gave us quality interviews with the biggest names of TV and the music industry. 

There were blockbuster, water cooler moments like Geri Halliwell and Kylie Minogue arm wrestling before snogging, there was Sting’s acoustic version of Message in a Bottle and Shaun Ryder’s swearing before the watershed. 

But my favourite memories of the show are their unique games, which included Fat Lookalikes and the greatest TV game of all time — Baby Left, Baby Right.

The idea? Baby sits up and people guess which way he or she falls. Genius. 

I actually feel sorry for Lynda. She’d be a far happier, less scorpy, person had she grown up with TFI Friday.