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Sky ahead of the game with smart TV technology

Sky ahead of the game with smart TV technology

Imagine a world where you can watch whatever show you wanted, in any device you wanted, in any room you wanted.

Imagine you could record four separate shows while watching a fifth. Then imagine a world where you can download your favourite shows and bring them with you on your tablet or even smart phone. Sounds ridiculous, right?

How about a TV-viewing experience that allows users to swipe their touchpad remote to change channels? Or a button on your TV box that finds your remote when you’ve lost it?

‘Bullsh*t’ I hear you shouting. Not so.

Pause for a second and imagine your TV could access a vast range of entertainment websites like YouTube and Vevo and that you could even watch your TV while scrolling through the other sites. Heck – why not even multi-screen your TV while you are at it, meaning you could potentially watch several matches at the same time.

And if you are watching Manchester United and at risk of falling asleep – contemplate a future where you can swipe your remote again and pull up your Facebook account? Right there on your telly?

I know what you are thinking -this is some sort of Back To The Future type gadgetry, but it isn’t. The future is now. Or rather, the future is about to land.

I was one of a few lucky journalists who were brought to London to test pilot Sky’s new Sky Q service. It is being lined up for general release in the coming months and is the company’s latest example of how far ahead they are of their competitors. I will be first in the Q (see what I did there?) when it goes on sale.

The company who brought us so many first-to-market features like Sky Go, Sky Plus, On Demand, 3D and Full HD are now turning our regular TVs into top-spec smart TVs.