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‘Passionate’ thugs who threw eggs are ignorant scumbags

‘Passionate’ thugs who threw eggs are ignorant scumbags

This time next week the Marriage Equality Referendum will have passed and my brother, my mates and the hundreds of thousands of Irish people in the LGBT community will all be one step closer to being regarded as equals.

While I don’t think it will be the landslide victory for the ‘Yes’ side that some people predict, I do think it the nation will say ‘Yes’ in the end.

If you have a modicum of fairness and decency or an ounce of logic, you will vote ‘Yes’ on May 22.

I could pick massive holes in the ‘No’ campaign for every single one of their arguments but there is no point in regurgitating the positive message that the ‘Yes’ side has based the battle on.

I will say this, however, to the so-called “passionate” thugs who shouted abuse at the ‘No’ campaigners in Navan on Tuesday and then pelted them with eggs, resulting in one 10-year-old girl being rushed to hospital: you do not represent the ‘Yes’ voters.

You are ignorant scumbags who naively think you are fighting for the common good. You are not.

Also, to the bright sparks who decided to doctor the ‘No’ posters to read: ‘Gay people don’t even think this baby is cute. Vote No’ – you are the babies in this scenario and you are doing more damage than good.

If we just leave the ‘No’ voters to shout at the top of their voices, the ‘Yes’ side will win easily. We don’t need to sabotage posters and we certainly do not need to pelt them and their kids with eggs while they organise a demonstration.

I don’t agree with a single thing they say BUT they are entitled to their opinions. So, let them at it and watch them eat humble pie next Saturday when the official tally is in.