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I'm backing Downey Jnr in Channel 4 interview row

Robert Downey Jnr walks off from his Channel 4 interview
Robert Downey Jnr walks off from his Channel 4 interview

Social media lit up this week with footage of the more-than-slightly-awkward interview between Hollywood superstar Robert Downey Junior and Channel 4 news man Krishnan Guru-Murthy.

Facebook addicts and the Twitterati were up in arms claiming that Iron Man was hyper sensitive and treated the experienced interviewer with disrespect. What a load of horse sh*t. 

Surprisingly, my peers in the media world seemed to side with the presenter in some sort of ‘he’s one of us’ show of support, which I think is way out of line. 

Yes, we are supposed to ask tough questions from time to time but there is also a thing called logic and decency. 

Firstly, this was a one-to-one sit down interview with one of the biggest stars in the world, who is renowned for giving great interviews. You don’t have to drag up a dodgy past to get a newsworthy sound bite.

Secondly, things were going great. There was a rapport between them as Guru-Murthy stuck to the script but he just couldn’t help himself squirming his way into Downey Junior’s regrettable past. 

Thirdly, if Guru-Murthy was a fraction of the newsman he claims to be, he would have been able to gauge the actor’s obvious discomfort. 

Fourthly, the Channel 4 hack has a history of rubbing interviewees up the wrong way. And this week he gave journalists a bad name. 

He looked shocked that Downey Jr left the room, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he got the reaction he wanted.

It begs the question: does he think he’s more famous than the people he is interviewing?

If you haven’t seen his interview with Richard Ayoade, I urge you to check it out. The interviewer met his match. Guru-Murthy should have learnt then to stick to hard news and leave the showbiz stuff to the experts.

Watch the 'interview' here