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I have now officially experienced 'The Lynx effect'

Daragh Keany
Daragh Keany

There was an awkward silence last week when I arrived at the secret location for a press gig.

The only information the PR team had given me was  that I had to be ready at 4.30pm to be picked up in a taxi. 

Oh, and they told me to bring black shoes and black socks. 


So off I went, oblivious to the evening’s entertainment.

After a 10-minute cab ride, I was dropped off at Sam’s Barbers in Dublin where I was greeted by Sam himself and a bottle of cold beer.

I was told to take a seat (still holding my shoes and socks) and asked if I would like anything done. 

Having not been to a barber in eight years (I was bald at 25) there was a brief moment where we looked at each other wondering why I was there.

Eventually we agreed that I’d have ‘hot towel head shave’.

Weird again. 

For 45 minutes the owner of the barber shop meticulously took his scary blade to my head and rid my bonce of the stubble, repeatedly applying a boiling-hot towel to freshen the cut. 

Then the PR team told me that the entire gig was being sponsored by Lynx and that they would like me to follow them downstairs where I was greeted by yet another beer, before being fitted for a brand new, black three-piece suit, black shirt and black tie. 

There was the obligatory 60-second PR spiel about the new Lynx Black range, followed by some photos (hence the shoes and socks).

Then the sound PR team told me I could be on my way, but not before inviting me to an exclusive Gavin James gig the following night in The Crypt under Christchurch. 

There is a lot of shit in the print media business right now but every now and again you get a nice little surprise like this.

Really weird.