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After 11 long months True Detective is back on television

Colin Farrell in the latest series
Colin Farrell in the latest series

After eleven long months, True Detective is finally back on the telly tonight on Sky Atlantic.

Last year’s first series was ground breaking drama and those of us that stuck with the slow and dark early episodes were rewarded with four of the best hours of telly ever.
In fact, the final scene of episode four is one of the most incredible scenes in TV history. I’ve watched it four or five times at this stage and I still have no idea how they did it! But can the makers follow up the McConaughey and Harrelson brilliance from last year? 
When a second series was announced, fans shuddered at the thought of the writers trying to create a follow-up to the harrowing plot in Louisiana. We had just sat through nine hours of heart-thumping drama and it was wrapped up brilliantly. It was done. 
So, luckily, tonight’s second series bears NO resemblance at all to the original. It is set in a different time and with a whole new batch of characters. The only overlap between seasons 1 and 2 is the title and the crew behind the cameras. It is a hugely brave move considering the regard that season 1 is held in. 
It was a hard show to recommend in the beginning. The first few instalments were long, drawn-out, dark affairs with a lot of skipping between present day and the past. But by the end of the show it was considered a work of art. 
So what can we expect from the always-difficult-second album? 
It was easy to attract the stellar line up that they did after last year’s success. Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch are capable of performances worthy of True Detective but I still can’t believe Vince Vaughn was cast in it. 
I hope I’m wrong but it is clear who is going to be the weak link in the highly-anticipated show.