August 20th, 2017

Daniel O Donnell

Daniel O' Donnell, is a legendary Irish singer, television presenter and philanthropist. After rising to public attention in 1983 he has since become a household name in Ireland and Britain and America. Recently, he became the first artist to have a different album in the British charts every year for 25 consecutive years. Daniel has written a column for the Sunday World for many years.

Michael English

Michael’s a new kid on the block

Jon Kenny in the new show Mag Mell

Daniel's Country World: Jon is game for a laugh

Shawn Cuddy

Daniel O'Donnell: 'Cuddy be an all-time great?

COUNTRY star Shawn Cuddy is celebrating 25 years in showbusiness this year.

Mary Byrne has a stunning voice

Mary’s voice is music to my ears

Jim Devine has a great voice

Jim’s voice is simply Devine

Jimmy Buckley (centre) as part of the Three Amigos

Jimmy Bucks trend with CD

Derek Ryan with our man Eddie Rowley

Ryan’s a top entertainer

Robert Mizzell

There’s no place like home for Robert

Join Mizzell on an amazing anniversary tour of America