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Video of Jumping Dolphins at Malin Head in Donegal

Dolphins at Malin Head
Dolphins at Malin Head

Jumping dolphins at Malin Head… they had the locals and tourists jumping for joy alike.

There had been reported sightings, but I thought they were nothing but urban myths put out by the locals to attract visitors. I was wrong. 
Friday July 25th was my final day in the Inisowen Peninsula and as if to wave me off, a family of eight-to-ten dolphins showed up at Malin Head as I was up at Docs buying the mornings papers.
Check out my video, taken from the pier at 10am. Although it’s hard to peel your eyes away from the stunning landscape, of Ireland’s furtherest most Northernly point, the local dolphins are a sight to behold. 
Enjoy… as I did!