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Amanda takes to the catwalk for The Hope Foundation’s 15th Year Celebrations

Amanda takes to the catwalk for The Hope Foundation’s 15th Year Celebrations


OK, I’m teasing but it’s still true. It was me. It took a swift mouthful of something fizzy for me to find the confidence again but I did it and I can honestly say I want to do it again…

Yes, I may be old and I might not be able to squeeze into my back catalogue of size 8 or 10 denims that still hang unloved in the bowels of my wardrobe but it seems the Irish fashion industry haven’t turned their backs on me JUST yet.

As retail giants Debenhams prepare to stock size 16 mannequins in their stores here – and about time too! Lennon Courtney very kindly asked me to model one of their shirt dresses at their fashion show at The Shelbourne Hotel last Friday and I loved it!

Much more at home behind the microphone these days MC’ing fashion shows rather than walking in them, I did my best to blend in with all the slimmer models whom were all so young I could have given birth to them!

Sadly, I stuck out like the big, fat aging auld wan that I am instead of blending into the fold but I didn’t care. The assembled audience of fashionistas and social butterflies were all in attendance to support The Hope Foundation’s 15th Year Celebrations. And if they got a giggle out of me strutting (pounding) down the catwalk then good enough for them.

For anyone who is not already aware, Hope is dedicated to promoting the protection of street and slum children primarily in Kolkata (former known as Calcutta) and the most underprivileged in India. As painful the thought of strutting all my bits on stage in front of so many judgemental eyes, it couldn’t compare to the plight of the abandoned and orphaned children that crowd into Kolkata looking for salvage and that are surrounded by unimaginable dangers every minute of every day.

If you would like to make a donation or possibly volunteer please check out for more details.

But if you’d just like to have a laugh at me trying not to fall off a stage… have a look at this.