July 24th, 2017


If weed helps sick kids, then I'm all for it

I barely walk around the gym dressing room fully naked. I’m not a prude, I just prefer being in my underwear.

Vogue: I don't fancy naked dating, I see enough in the gym

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris

Taylor’s love life moved Swiftly – but bashing ex in public is not on

The take-down of Taylor Swift reached new depths this week when Kim Kardashian posted videos of Tay Tay agreeing to the release of Kanye West’s song Famous, which she had originally called offensive and derogatory

Vogue: My generation bears the brunt of badly run society

Vogue Williams: Drunks on a plane caused me a mile-high nightmare

My auntie supports Trump – I need to divorce her

Leading Leave campaigner Boris Johnson

Vogue: Many Brits were unaware of the fallout of Brexit

I was very disappointed that Britain decided to vote out of the EU

Brock Allen Turner

Vogue: The way rape victims are treated is nothing short of disgusting

My generation deserves a say on the 8th

Let’s make an effort to show interest in the Irish language

We have had some wonderful celebrations to mark the centenary of the 1916 Rising