Republican Colin Duffy loses human rights court challenge

Colin Duffy
Colin Duffy

Lurgan republican Colin Duffy has failed in a European Court of Human Rights bid in which he claimed his arrest after the murder of two Antrim soldiers in 2009 was a breach of his human rights.

European judges at the Strasbourg court ruled Duffy's application inadmissible.

Gabriel Magee and Teresa Magee also joined Duffy in the court application.

They were arrested after the murder of a police officer in 2009.

Their applications were also deemed inadmissible. 

In 2012, Duffy was acquitted of all charges brought against him in relation to the murders of soldiers Mark Quinsey from Birmingham and Patrick Azimkar from London.

The soldiers had ordered pizzas to the barracks and had walked outside to collect them when the hit team, travelling in a green Vauxhall cavalier, opened fire. 

The Real IRA later claimed responsibility for the attack.