Clondalkin leisure centre website hacked by Islamic group

Clondalkin leisure centre website hacked by Islamic group

The website for the Clondalkin leisure centre has been hacked by an Islamic group calling themselves the Gabesi TN & Fallag GTX.

The website for Tallaght leisure centre has also been attacked by the group.

The hackers uploaded an anti-American video containing graphic images and a running commentary about the US’s alleged crimes against humanity.

“Your Website Has Been Defaced Cuz Just We Want To Show The Reality To da World" wrote the hackers.

“This Is The real Terrorism ...”

The page then reads “We have to stop killing Muslims in:”

"Burma , Palestine ,India , Kachmir , Chechenya , Syria , Iran , Afghanistan , Iraq , Libanon , Center Africa , Negiria ,Niger Somali , Mali , Yemen , China , Philipine , Indonisia , Guntanamo ( Cuba ) , Abu Gharib ....And Other Country :(

(Pic: Jordan Fagan)

"Respect Existence Or Expect Resistance , We Are Fallaga , We Are Muslims, We Love Peace <3 But If You Provoke US BE Ready To Our Reaction."

The group's Facebook page shows a list of other websites the group have recently hacked.

The hackers are believed to be linked to the Tunisian group Fallaga Gassrini

The hack is known as a defacement page and these groups are known to attack pages which are run on the Wordpress content management system.

The Fallaga team of hackers are active on social media and have almost 1,000 followers on their twitter page.

The group have hacked several high profile websites, including The African Petroleum Producers’ Association (APPA) in 2013.

Tunisia Live interviewed a member of the group in February.

“Fallaga is a group of young Tunisians… It began as a group to combat atheism in Tunisia, but later developed to target international websites. Its biggest attack was in April 2013, when the group attacked ten Israeli websites,” one of Falaga’s hackers, nicknamed “Zionist Sniper” told Tunisia Live.

“We also hacked an Egyptian government website in response to Egyptian coup authorities’ recurrent and brutal attacks on peaceful protesters as well as their anti-revolution policy,” he added.

According to reports online, Fallaga is an Islamist group which claims not to be an extension of the Islamic State (ISIS), although it shares similar religious and political beliefs.

The Fallaga group explicitly supported the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris.