Clarkson and his pals planning new TV show

Jeremy Clarkson set for new TV job
Jeremy Clarkson set for new TV job

The dust may only just have settled on Jeremy Clarkson's sacking from BBC's Top Gear, but now the controversial presenter is planning a new show that could see him and his pals Richard Hammond and James May enjoy cash windfall.

Clarkson was fired by the BBC after attacked Top Gear's Irish producer Oisin Tymon, even though more than one million fans signed a petition calling for his return to the show.

BBC Director-General Tony Hall is under guard after receiving death threats following his move to sack Clarkson, but it seems like his fans may not have to wait long to witness his TV return.

With Clarkson's contract with the BBC set to expire shortly and Hammond and May also free from their contractual obligations to the BBC, it seems as if a new version of Top Gear could emerge on a rival channel shortly.

“It was clear that if they could relaunch a new show as a team, they would do so," says Clarkson's pal Nick Rufford, in comments appearing in the Daily Star. "I predict that he will recover quickly.

“May, the only presenter to have so far spoken publicly since the decision, said Top Gear would no doubt carry on but added the three come as a package, hinting he and Hammond were unlikely to carry on without Clarkson.

“Both Hammond and May are freed from their BBC contracts this week.”

A new deal for the trio who helped to turn Top Gear into a huge money making venture for the BBC could be highly lucrative for the presenters and any potential broadcast partner, with Sky and Channel 5 certain to be among those in the mix to screen any new motoring show.