Chilling 'You're next' graffiti appears alongside names in Dublin

Michael Keogh
Michael Keogh

Sinister graffiti has emerged in Dublin's north inner city naming two men the Hutch mob believe were involved in Gareth Hutch's murder.

The menacing message named the two men along with the message: "YOU'RE NEXT".

Sources believe the Hutch gang were behind the graffiti.

In a further development Gardaí are attempting to establish if a notorious north inner city criminal was directly involved in the feud murder of Michael Keogh.

Keogh (37) became the 12th victim of the deadly Hutch/Kinahan feud when he was shot dead in his car in the underground car park at the Sheridan Court flats complex early on Wednesday morning.

Gardaí believe the murder was carried out by the Hutch gang and are investigating the suspected role of a major armed robber from the north inner city in the fatal shooting.

A property linked to this suspect was raided yesterday morning as clothes and other items were seized.

The suspect, who is in his early 40s, was not arrested.

He is currently before the courts on serious non-feud-related charges and is considered a "volatile and highly dangerous criminal" who has links to a number of Hutch gang associates.

A source said last night gardaí were "satisfied" with how the investigation was progressing and that "substantial progress has been made".

The most prominent theory is that Keogh was murdered because one of his closest associates was involved in the feud murder of Gareth Hutch on May 24 last year.

Keogh's murder is the first the Hutch mob is suspected of carrying out since cartel figure David Byrne (34) was shot dead in last February's Regency Hotel attack which escalated the feud.

The nine subsequent murders are all believed to have been carried out by the Kinahan cartel, including the shocking killings last year of innocent bystanders Trevor O'Neill and Martin O'Rourke.

Keogh's murder has led to a major increase in armed Garda checkpoints in the north inner city but also in the Crumlin and south inner city areas. Members manning these checkpoints have previously claimed their protective equipment - including vests - are inadequate.

However, Garda headquarters has categorically stated the standard vests issued to uniformed gardaí are both bullet-resistant and stab-proof.

Since the latest killing, it can be revealed that detectives have visited the homes of a number of targets on both sides of the feud and given the individuals "updated security advice".

Gardaí have also not ruled out whether Keogh was involved in any of the five attacks against the cars of Hutch family members that happened in the space of five days last week.

Father-of-two Keogh had just started a new job in construction but while not considered a major criminal, he was linked to the so-called 'New INLA' faction which has aligned itself with the Kinahan cartel in the capital's deadly feud.

Gardaí believe his killers monitored his social media activity in the days before they struck.