Child snatcher told ex he'd be 'out before people realise'

Michael Martin
Michael Martin

Convicted sex-offender Michael Martin boasted to a former girlfriend that he would be out “before people realised” following his conviction for attempting to abduct an 11-year-old girl.

In a series of handwritten notes meant for his ex-girlfriend Claire Burke (25), the 36-year-old predator said he was certain he would be released from prison in less than a year.

Martin was handed a 13-year jail term earlier this month after he snatched an 11-year-old girl and bundled her into a stolen jeep in front of her younger twin brothers.

It was only the actions of one of her younger brothers who jumped on to the driver’s door and repeatedly struck Martin as he tried to drive off that prevented the abduction.

In the letters published by the Irish Sunday Mirror, Martin tells his former love that he will get “nowhere near 10 years”.

The convicted predator even states at the top of the letter that his release date will be January 18, 2016, stating "I’ll be out before people realise. All is good.”

According to the Irish Mirror, in the letters Martin continually talks about his future with a young girl he met before being sentenced.

Addressing his ex-girlfriend, he says that this new woman is his future and he even speculates about marrying her at some point.

The Irish Sunday Mirror claims that they were informed that this woman would have been underage when first approached by Martin.

Her name is redacted from the letters and is changed to ‘Sarah’ in the paper’s copy.

The romance is understood to be a fabrication, reports the Irish Sunday Mirror.

In the letters Martin goes on to say his life in prison when he was first remanded was a nightmare.