Child rapist Ward flees to the UK

Danny Ward - Child rapist.jpg
Danny Ward - Child rapist.jpg

A convicted child rapist who has been repeatedly targeted by vigilantes has fled to the UK.

Danny Ward (35) was pictured on an Irish Ferries Swift sailing from Dublin to Holyhead this week.

The 6ft 3in pervert was attacked at Dun Laoghaire Garda Station two weeks ago in an incident which was videoed and uploaded to You Tube.

It was the latest in a string of attacks on the rapist.

He was chased out of accommodation in north Dublin and from Ringsend in June.

He was beaten and chased by a mob in Ringsend after being spotted by teenagers who recognised him.

After being injured in that attack Ward is believed to have left a B&B he had been staying in on the south side of the city.

He was subsequently sleeping rough in the Dun Laoghaire with several sightings of the rapist including a video which showed him being confronted by a woman as he cycles through the southern suburb.

He then travelled to Wicklow Town hoping to go unnoticed but after he was spotted in the town gardai bundled him into a garda car and took him out of the area in fear a vigilante mob would attack him.

Last October he had to flee another B&B in north Dublin as another mob gathered after he had been identified online.

That mob targeted Ward after he was spotted outside a girl’s school in Glasnevin.

This week he fled the country in fear of his life.  A parent who took pictures of Ward on the ferry on Tuesday told the Daily Mirror: “There is nothing more I would like to have done than to box him in the face. I hate violence and I don’t fight but when it comes to my kids it’s something completely different. He was stood outside the kids’ cinema with a drink in his hands looking in for a long time. He was walking around the place but was holding his hand to his face. But I knew who he was.”

Ward told gardai he was leaving the jurisdiction and they UK police have been informed of his whereabouts.