Chemsex partner died after being left tied up in gas mask, trial hears

Chemsex partner died after being left tied up in gas mask, trial hears

A man died after his sexual partner left him on a bedroom floor with a gas mask around his face and ropes around his hands, feet and neck, a court heard.

Dohoon Kim, 36, was found dead in the early hours after meeting friend Kevin Adams, 52, at his home in Swindon, Wiltshire, for sex in June 2015.

Bristol Crown Court heard the pair had taken the drugs mephedrone, known as M-Cat, and GHB before engaging in sexual activity.

Emergency services attended Adams' terraced home after he called 999 reporting that Mr Kim was unresponsive and not breathing.

Paramedics arrived and found Mr Kim, from Slough, Berkshire, had been dead for "some time" and could not be resuscitated.

Adams, of Exmouth Street, Swindon, denies manslaughter by failing to ensure Mr Kim's safety and well-being, leading to his death.

Before the trial started, Judge Neil Ford QC outlined certain issues of the case to jurors and asked if there was any "issue of personal faith or morality" that would affect their judgement.

The eight men and four women all indicated that there was not.

Prosecuting, Adam Feest QC said Adams fell asleep without untying Mr Kim or removing the tight mask, which was restricting his breathing.

"The two men had been engaging in sexual activity involving drug taking, bondage and the restriction of the deceased's airway by him wearing a gas mask, as well as other sexual activity which may be described as relatively extreme," Mr Feest said.

"The deceased was, at all times, the consensual partner of Mr Adams. There's no suggestion of any force or lack of consent, quite the opposite.

"Dohoon Kim was a consensual, but submissive partner in the relationship.

"It appears that he met his death at a time when he was both restrained hand and foot and around the neck, wearing a full-face gas mask."

Mr Feest said two people are entitled to engage in risky or dangerous sexual behaviour but that this carries a duty of care both during and after such activity.

"He left him tied hand, foot and neck on the floor with a gas mask over his face and drugs in his body - leaving him in a vulnerable and potentially dangerous situation," Mr Feest said.

"That failure on the part of Mr Adams is, we say, criminal."

Mr Kim was born in South Korea and moved to the UK in 2001, meeting his partner Mark Ciccone a short time later. The couple began living together in 2012.

The court heard Mr Kim was a "submissive" and would regularly meet with other men - including Adams - for sex, with the permission of Mr Ciccone.

On June 12, Mr Kim left his work in Slough at about 7pm and travelled to Adams' home by train and taxi, arriving at about 8pm.

Text messages between the pair that day refer to being "chemmed-up" - referring to having sex while taking drugs, Mr Feest said.

Adams called 999 at about 2am and emergency services reached the property at 2.12am.

Paramedics found a naked Mr Kim on the floor, with the gas mask to one side of him and a pile of ropes and restraints nearby.

Mr Kim had been dead "for some time" and officers arrested Adams, Mr Feest said.

"He was told that it was unlikely that Kim would survive. His response to that was to ask whether he had any liability for it," he added.

Adams told police he had met Mr Kim online about two years before and they would have sex on an almost monthly basis.

He said both men had taken drugs and engaged in sexual activity, involving Mr Kim being restrained and wearing the gas mask.

Both men had fallen asleep, him on the double bed and Kim - still restrained - on the floor, Adams told officers.

Mr Feest said Adams had failed to ensure Mr Kim "was safe or still alive" and had woken to find him unresponsive.

A post-mortem examination found ligature marks around his neck, ankles and wrists.

Jurors heard Mr Kim's death was caused by the restriction of his airways and the effect of the drugs he had taken.

The trial, expected to conclude next week, continues.