Charity Ruhama 'concerned' about t-shirt sold in Dublin department store

'Concerned': Ruhama said the t-shirts objectify women
'Concerned': Ruhama said the t-shirts objectify women

A trafficking and prostitution charity says they are 'concerned' about a t-shirt being sold in a major department store in the capital.

Ruhama, an outreach support organisation for victims of prostitution and sex trafficking, said on Twitter they are concerned about the 'normalisation' of the sex trade, which they say the top represents.

They said the t-shirt also objectifies women. 

The t-shirt, pictured above, shows a father and his two young sons smiling as they apparently watch a lapdance. The older boy is seen holding money in his hands and a caption above reads: 'My First Pole Dance'. 

People on social media illustrated their disappointment the store was stocking the t-shirts, which are on sale online for €40. 

Arnotts said they are removing the t-shirt from the shelves following the reaction on social media.