Car thief stuck in first gear leads cops on 16-mile, 30mph chase

Randy Dewayne Vert (Image via Jefferson County Jail)
Randy Dewayne Vert (Image via Jefferson County Jail)

A truck thief in Alabama couldn't work out how to get out of first gear in his newly 'acquired' vehicle, leading cops into an extremely slow chase until the gearbox seized up.

Cops in Jefferson County were attending a call out regarding a suspicious car when they were alerted to a stolen flat-bed truck nearby.

Police spotted the car and directed the driver, a man named Randy Dewayne Vert, to pull over.

Vert refused and continued driving but it seems he was unable to work the gears and remained stuck in first gear.

That meant that he led the police on a chase that never topped 30mph, eventually coming to a halt 16 miles from where he started when the truck seized up and stopped.

Vert was taken from the truck and he has been charged with first-degree theft of property, reckless endangerment and attempting to elude and resisting arrest.