Irish cannabis users call for legalisation following Weedstock festival

Weedstock (Pic:
Weedstock (Pic:

CANNABIS users say it’s high time the drug was legalised in Ireland following the second annual Weedstock festival.

Smokers from cannabis clubs across the country turned up to Wexford last weekend for the event hosted by the Irish Church of Cannabis.

So-called cannabis social clubs have been forming across the country.

Members from clubs based in Dublin, Kerry, Donegal, Carrickfergus. Monaghan, Wexford and Derry attended this year’s event. They say they should not be criminalised for using cannabis.

Tony McColgan, who established the LegenDerry Cannabis Social Club in Derry, said the event was a resounding success.

He added: “There is an immediate need for legal cannabis in Ireland so we can put an end to the cannabis oil scammers and take control away from the criminals.

“We want regulations in place to safeguard the sick and make it harder for children to get their hands on cannabis.”

He said everyone was very pleased how Weedstock 2016 had gone. 

“We had an amazing day with some good music and great discussions continuing long into the evening and as the sun set we were treated to a lovely BBQ laid on by the Irish Church of Cannabis.

“With the beautiful Wexford coastline as our backdrop, there was something special in the air.”

He said after the momentum built up by Weedstock there will be more private events and public awareness nights held by cannabis clubs.

Several countries around the world, including Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Uruguay and parts of the U.S., have relaxed laws on cannabis in recent years, either decriminalising it or making it legal to possess.