Canadian man who disappeared in 2012 found in Amazon jungle

Anton Pilipa (left) with brother Stefan in Brazil (image via gofundme/bringantonhome)
Anton Pilipa (left) with brother Stefan in Brazil (image via gofundme/bringantonhome)

A Canadian man who went missing from his home in 2012 has been found almost five years later in the Amazon jungle in Brazil.

Anton Pilipa, who was an activist and campaigner before he disapeared, was last spotted in a suburb of Toronto known as Scarborough in March 2012.

The 36-year old's brother Stefan (pictured above with Anton) told Canadian media that he believed his brother had some mental health problems before he disappeared.

Incredibly, in November 2016 a Brazilian cop who was born in Canada spotted a barefoot man shuffling along a road. The man had no identification on him but through questioning he revealed he was from Canada.

The cop began to dig into the case and she eventually got in touch with Stefan in late December to say she thought she had found his missing brother.

"I was really shocked … I didn't want to get my hopes up," Stefan told CBC.

Stefan began to organise a trip to Brazil to bring his brother home while he also set up a to help on costs.

Meanwhile Anton was placed in hospital but he then disappeared again, only to be found again and placed in a hospital in Manaus.

Anton has only spoken briefly to the media so far, to BBC Brazil, who he told "I know that I am very lucky to be alive," adding "I am very happy to be able to return to my family." 

Stefan has not pressed his brother on how he got to Brazil or what he had been doing for the last five years but it is suspected he may have walked, a truly remarkable journey of 6,500 miles.

On his return to Canada this week Anton was arrested over outstanding assault and weapons charges he picked up in 2011 but he was since bailed and he is now living with Stefan and his family.