BRUSSELS TERROR ATTACKS: What we know so far

BRUSSELS TERROR ATTACKS: What we know so far

Here is what we know so far about the terror attacks in Brussels.

:: There were two explosions at Brussels Zaventem Airport at around 7am UK time.

:: About an hour later there was an explosion on the Metro at Maelbeek station, near the city's EU quarter.

:: The death toll is at least 34. Fourteen people are reported to have been killed at the airport and 20 in the explosion on the Metro.

:: The attacks are believed to have injured around 170 people. Of those at least one is British and was injured at the airport, Downing Street said.

:: The attack at the airport targeted an American Airlines desk and was probably carried out by a suicide bomber, Belgian federal prosecutor Frederic Van Leeuw said.

:: Local media reported that shouts in Arabic were heard during the attack at the airport.

:: Two Kalashnikov rifles were found in the airport departure lounge after the attacks, a European security official said.

:: The injuries of a number of victims indicate there were nails in at least one of the bombs at the airport, someone from Gasthuisberg hospital in Leuven has indicated. Marc Decramer told local media the hospital is treating 11 people for wounds probably caused by flying glass and nails.

:: At least one suitcase bomb exploded at the airport, security officials are reported to have said.

:: The Islamic State terror group has claimed responsibility for the attacks.