Brothel madam used voodoo to force women to become sex slaves

Brothel madam used voodoo to force women to become sex slaves

A brothel madam, who used voodoo curses to force young women to become sex slaves and made them eat live snakes, has been ordered to pay back more than £20,000 of her ill-gotten gains.

A court in Cardiff heard Lizzy Idahosa made over £186,000 (€240,000) out of two Nigerian women who were threatened with “black magic” and forced to see a witch doctor for a 'juju' ceremony.

The 26-year-old was found guilty of trafficking the women at Cardiff Crown Court in 2014 and was jailed for eight years. Her husband Jackson Omoruyi, 41, was sentenced to two years for his role in the crime.

The jury heard the women worked in brothels to repay Idahosa £50,000 for travel from Nigeria and false documents

The two victims, aged 23 and 29, said that before travelling to London on the promise of a better life, they had been subjected to "juju" rituals to make them afraid of disobeying her.

Both were forced to eat live snakes and snails as part of the ritual before being flown to Britain where they were forced to become prostitutes.

They handed all their money over to Idahosa as they believed the black magic curses would make them go crazy or even kill them if they didn't.

Both women were eventually rescued by police and Idahosa has 28 days to hand over the cash or face an extension of nine months to her prison term.