Brothel madam back in business less than a year after her and partner were busted

The Brazilian madam has set up shop again after being convicted last June
The Brazilian madam has set up shop again after being convicted last June

A BRAZILIAN madam is back in the vice trade despite be­ing given a suspended jail term less than a year ago for running a chain of brothels.

Advertising a host of sexual services, the convicted vice mer­chant this week set up shop in a dingy apartment in west Cork.

Her ex-partner in crime, former transport consultant Tom Lyons, was jailed last week for running brothels in County Kildare.

At one point, the pair were running three vice dens in Limerick which raked in €10,000 a month.

The Criminal Assets Bureau hit Lyons with a €1million bill, while the vice mad­ame still has an outstanding €160,000 judgement against her.

She was convicted of brothel keeping last June and given an 18-month sen­tence which was suspended for three years. But this week she was answering calls from eager punters as 'Carolina', based in the west Cork town of Macroom.

Previously trading as 'Massage Rebe­ca', she has been offering a full range of sexual services starting at €100 for a 30-minute session.

These include "role play", "tie and tease", "sex toys" and other more ex­plicit sex acts.

She answered the door of the County Cork apartment in a black see-through negligee wearing a pair of knee-high boots.

When our investigator made his excus­es to leave, she asked: "Do you not feel safe in the apartment?"

Later, when asked about her role in the vice trade, 'Rebeca' said that she had to work "to survive" and denied making any profits from the sex trade.

She added that her ex-boyfriend tried to blame her for taking a bigger role than she really did.

However, Sunday World sources said significant amounts of cash were wired home to Brazil.

Her former business partner and boyfriend Tom Lyons is now behind bars after chalking up another conviction.

Tom Lyons

It was his third conviction, but the first time he got a jail sentence for his role in the vice trade.

It emerged at a court hearing last week that Lyons had used the false name of Joe Ryan to rent flats in Naas and Sallins between October 2012 and March 2014.

Gardai were alerted when neighbours complained about the amount of men calling to one of the addresses.

Officers in Sallins also saw Lyons driving into the apartment complex in a gold Mercedes and became suspicious.

His defence lawyer said he became involved with the hooker after his marriage broke up and that he "was intoxicated by her and her lifestyle".

He said that Lyons was "foolish and out of control" but has since gotten an insight into the "darkness of elements of prostitution".

During the hearing, it was said that he had since been allowed back into the family home.

The trial judge said he was not im­pressed by claims that Lyons had been manipulated by his former girlfriend and imposed two-year jail sentences to run concurrently.

He said that Lyons was a well-educated man and had gone into the relationship with his eyes open and was attracted by the money to be made from prostitution.

The Sunday World previously revealed how Lyons and the Brazilian ran a num­ber of vice dens together.

A respectable transport consultant, Lyons effectively led a secret double life, charging hookers and pimps four times the going rate to rent apart­ments for use as vice dens.

He used his background as a re­spectable engineer to rent properties for the sex trade.

He charged vice gangs at least €700 a week for properties for which he was paying just €700 per month, according to Sunday World sources.

Evidence found by Gardai in one property, which Lyons used as an office, also led to raids in Northern Ireland by the PSNI.

Lyons even used note paper from the engineering firm where he worked to help hookers get immi­gration visas.

But the sleaze merchant was caught red-handed after a garda surveillance operation in Limerick that lasted over a year.

One brothel in the city was actually visible from the garda station where the operation was based to bust the vice ring.

Lyons started visiting the woman in 2005 before opting to cash in on Ireland's lucrative sex trade, according to a Sunday World source.

When they had too many prosti­tutes, they were sent out to work for other operations, charging €200 per girl, said sources.

Detective Garda Vincent Brick said at one court hearing that Lyons had been the target of a lengthy garda surveillance operation.

Lyons previously pleaded guilty to allowing an apartment at Burnell Court, Malahide Road, Dublin, to be used as a brothel in 2011.

He told gardai that he had rented the apartment so he could live there with his Brazilian girlfriend, who was involved in the escort industry and who he had been helping to earn money so she could leave the escort industry.