BREAKING: Shots fired outside Paris police station

BREAKING: Shots fired outside Paris police station

Shots have been fired in front of a police station in northern Paris.

WARNING: Uncensored image below.


Reports indicate that one man has been shot dead after he attempted to enter a police station in Rue de la Goutte d'Or in the 18th arrondissement.

The man is believed to have been carrying a knife and reportedly shouted "Allahu Akbar" as he entered the building. 

Early reports indicated that the man was wearing a suicide vest, but this has since been disproved. 

The man's large knife can been seen on the ground.

A bomb disposal robot was brought in to inspect the body.

The incident falls on the one year anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

The shooting occurred shortly after President Francois Hollande finished a speech in the center of Paris paying homage to police officers killed during recent terrorist attacks.

Mr Hollande said the government was passing new laws and ramping up security, adding that "better surveillance of radicalised citizens" who had returned to France after joining ISIS or other militant groups in Syria and Iraq was needed.

"We must be able to force these people - and only these people - to fulfill certain obligations and if necessary to put them under house arrest," he said

A police official said police are viewing the incident as "more likely terrorism" than a standard criminal act.

Luc Poignant, a police union official, said the man may have been wearing an explosives vest, and cried out "Allahu Akbar" or "God is great" in Arabic.

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