Second blast at Brussels Metro station

Brussels Metro attack
Brussels Metro attack

A second blast which has taken place at a Metro station near the European Union buildings in Brussels.

Reports indicate that Maalbeek Metro station was attacked, nearby Artsloi station has now been evacuated.

10 people are believed to have been killed in the blast.

Many are believed to be injured, but nobody was killed in the attack.   

The station is located close to the EU institutions. All Metro stations in the city have been closed.

One witness who was underground at the next Metro station said the crowd heard a 'muffled thud' and panic set in.

"We heard a muffled thud, there was a lot of dust down by the tracks," he told Sky News.

"Panic set in and people started to rush out of the Metro station. We were met by soldiers at the top of the stairs who evacuated the place.

"There was a lot of panic and confusion at the time, people didn't know what was happening.

"The Metro stations in Brussels are only a short distance away from each other. It was enough to physically see smoke and to know something was wrong but not enough that we didn't know at first that it was an explosion.

"There's lots of construction too so it's hard to discern one thing from another."

The Metro explosion occurred at approximately the same time as two blasts at Brussels airport this morning. One of those explosions has been confirmed as a suicide bombing.

Two explosions ripped through Brussels Airport at rush hour this morning, read the full story here

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