BREAKING: Bankrupt solicitor barricades himself inside Dublin mansion

Mary Patricia O'Donnell and Brian O'Donnell
Mary Patricia O'Donnell and Brian O'Donnell

Bankrupt solicitor Brian O’Donnell has barricaded himself inside his palatial waterfront mansion in Killiney, Dublin.

The high profile lawyer and his wife, psychologist Mary Patricia O'Donnell had defaulted on various liabilities to Bank of Ireland, which in December 2011 obtained judgment for €71.5 million against them.

Gorse Hill

The Supreme Court rejected an appeal earlier this year by O’Donnell’s children by Blaise, Blake, Bruce and Alexandra, to block the repossession of the Vico Road house.

Last month the children were given until today to leave the property overlooking Killiney Bay so it can be taken over by a bank-appointed receiver.

Now, in a last-ditch effort to stop the banks taking his house, Brian O’Donnell has invited members of the Land League anti-repossession movement to stay with him in the house.

It is understood that an injunction is to be lodged to the High Court today to put a stay of execution on the repossession.